Howdy! I’m Yoon Ha Lee. I hail from Texas (and yes, I say “y’all”). I write sf/f for adults (Machineries of Empire), young adults (Moonstorm trilogy, forthcoming), and middle grade (Thousand Worlds trilogy), but I’ve always wanted to make a comic so this is my side project. I live in Louisiana with my family and a lazy catten. My hobbies include composing, game design, and destroying the reader.

Some of my favorite comics/manga/etc. include: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, Blood on the Tracks, Calvin & Hobbes, Claymore, Clover (CLAMP), DIE, Fence, Fray: Future Vampire Slayer, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gangsta, Garfield, Girls of the Wild’s, Invincible, Kismet: Hunter’s Moon and Kismet: Sun-Cutter, On a Sunbeam, Parasocial, Starfighter (NSFW), Terminal Lance (often NSFW), X-Men, and xkcd.

For the curious, some resources on drawing/making a comic that I’ve found helpful along the way, plus other resources and inspirations and my tools.

You can reach me at