She’s a mathematician. He’s a mass murderer. Together, they fight crime will they save the Hexarchate—or destroy it?

A comic reboot of the Machineries of Empire space opera series by Yoon Ha Lee (NINEFOX GAMBIT, RAVEN STRATAGEM, REVENANT GUN, HEXARCHATE STORIES from Rebellion/Solaris; also NINEFOX GAMBIT RPG from Android Press in PDF and paperback).

For those familiar with the books, there are major changes. I have dialed things up to seven eleven. ‘Ware the content notes! Consider this fair notice.

Dedicated to Eller, who gave me the gifts of watercolor and chess. Thanks for all the enabling encouragement.

Ninefox Gambit comic updates whenever I can find the time in between work, because calendrical heresy. Sorry not sorry. 🙂

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Latest update: 2024-05-13: Added p. 6 to #0 Prelude: Cheris and updated the transcript. Sorry things are slow: I’m under deadline for TWO books (Code & Codex, adult linguistics sci fantasy; Crownworld, #3 in the Moonstorm YA mecha space opera trilogy).

Special thanks to niqaeli for the origami voidmoth/starship designs, used with her permission.

Thanks to the following folks: Michael Albrecht, Charlie Jane Anders, Asp, Arabelle Betzwieser, Joseph Betzwieser, Black Swan Seer, Marie Brennan, Rachel Brown, Jason Brubaker, Rob Chang, Lauren Davis, Dhampyresa, Eller, Seth Fishman, Stephanie Folse, David Gillon, Jen Grisanti, Isis, Zohar Jacobs, Patrick J. Jones, Paul Karasik, Audrey Knox, Erika Lancaster, Layla Lawlor, Toby Leonard, Alec Longstreth, Chuck Ludwig, Gavin Michelli, niqaeli, Potofsoup, Rachel Rosen, Rue, Jenett Silver, Sherwood Smith, Sonya Taaffe, Vernieda Vergara, Tillie Walden, Ursula Whitcher, Storme Winfield, Yena, YKL…and last but not least, Cloud the catten.

For the curious, some resources on drawing/making a comic I’ve found helpful on this journey, inspirations/research resources, and my tools.

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