Content Notes

This is a non-comprehensive list. Read at your own risk.

Note to those who have read the books on which this is based: I have dialed things up to seven eleven. Consider this fair notice.

  • ableism, disability
  • animal harm, hunting/butchering
  • authoritarianism and abuse of governmental/military authority
  • body horror, body modification
  • brainwashing, mind control, gaslighting
  • character death and undeath
  • child abuse
  • dystopia
  • eating disorders, starvation
  • experimentation on not necessarily willing humans and other sentients
  • foul language and objectionable language in general
  • fox spirits, metaphorical or otherwise
  • genocide
  • imperialism, xenophobia
  • incest
  • military culture and attitudes, military humor
  • numerology, abuse of
  • prostitution
  • rape, dubious consent, dysfunctional relationships, fraternization
  • religion (fictional, but it’s a state religion that runs on torture of heretics, so…)
  • slavery
  • suicide, suicidal ideation, depression, mental illness
  • torture
  • violence, mass murder
  • war crimes, atrocities