Fox-waxing has included, besides completing and uploading #0 p. 4 and updating its transcript plus other resources and inspirations, for the curious:

  • rearranging my watercolors
  • working on creating my own prototype watercolor box in a form factor that makes me happy – it’s of cardboard, but it will have space for watercolors in a single row plus a compartment for a few brushes; the watercolor row has been done up with ferrous vinyl so that magnetized watercolor pans will stick.
  • working on bookbinding for my daughter and researching board cutters because the one thing I hate about bookbinding and box-making is using an X-acto knife to cut Davey board. ;_; On the other hand, a Kutrimmer or Jacques board shear (assuming any are still available for sale) would be an…investment I’m not sure is warranted by my hobbies.
  • rearranging my study (again)
  • resuming hobbyist kiddie-pool perfumery, including a prototype Jedao parfum; I’ll be sending a tester to Arkady Martine, who has VERY GENEROUSLY agreed to beta the blend. XD Needless to say, I work in tiny batches, and as someone who has not taken HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY, I’m not ready to work with professional aromachemicals, vs. pre-blended accords and so on.
  • going to Red Stick Spice in Baton Rouge (where I live) for TRUFFLE SALT and mission creep resulting in pear jelly and stuff! Joe declined the ghost pepper salt for some reason. 🙂 I absolutely recommend them – just walking in the door smelling all the spices and teas I knew it was going to be great. 😀
  • applying to a fully remote, part-time (two years, 15 hours/week) M.A. in professional media composition. Who knows if I will get in! But worst case, they bounce me this year, I revamp my portfolio and try again next year.

Also, I apologize for typos, especially repeated keys; I’m having issues with this keyboard. Also I am the GENIUS who realized my keyboard launcher couldn’t find Clip Studio EX because I had somehow accidentally deleted it. :facepalm:

Special shout-outs to Chuck and Nikita at the art hangout where I spent an amount of time I refuse to disclose penciling the first panel of p. 4, ditto my husband with all the inking and painting. Also, I had to foreshadow the series’ resident Asshole Goose. 🙂 Incidentally, I’m not sure why Cheris/Kujen isn’t the white-hot favored hatesex pairing. imagine all the math trolling. I envision them math-trolling hate-flirting over Brouwer fixed points, knot equivalency algorithms, P-NP, and that hilarious math-trolling paper by Doron Zeilberger, “‘Real’ Analysis Is a Degenerate Case of Discrete Analysis.” I laughed so hard. XD And meanwhile poor Jedao mopily eats popcorn and does /salmon ladders/ push-ups because he’s bored out of his skull and wishes they could play the latest hottest FPS instead.

Yours in calendrical heresy,

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